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The CCDF is a non-profit organization working with children across Cyprus, who have multiple disabilities and complex health needs.

We aim to provide care, education, therapy and rehabilitation services to children with acquired brain injury. We strive to meet the individual needs of each child with the aim of enhancing their quality of life.

Our Mission
Commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our patients and their families, coupled with the delivery of the best possible combination of nursing, therapy, medical care and education, thus, empowering our patients to reach their full potential.

  • Support to families and patients by a team of dedicated professionals, including experienced nursing and care, staff, doctors
  • Promotion of public awareness and provision of support to educators around issues affecting the life of the children
  • Provision of professional and patient education programs. Promotion of neurological research

The specialist services we wish to provide come at a cost which is not met by any statutory sources, so we rely on voluntary donations from our supporters to meet the full cost to develop these services. Click here to find out about our fundraising work.

The charity is currently based at CPNI in Nicosia and will aspire to offer services to children within Cyprus and beyond.

Future Services

  • Multidisciplinary assessment and therapy for children with multiple disabilities
  • Unique combination of skills and experience in meeting the complex needs of children with profound disabilities.
  • Rehabilitation for children with congenital or acquired brain injury
  • Community-based rehabilitation for children returning to home/school after a brain injury Special education for pupils with profound and multiple learning disabilities
  • At a later date, short, medium and long term residential care and therapy, short breaks (at our future site or in the family home)

Future programs at CCDF:

Community support for children with brain injury
Development of a Specialist Support Team (SST) that will provide a flexible community service for children dealing with the effects of brain injury. The effects may include high-level motor, cognitive and communication difficulties, leading to problems at home and at school.

The children will receive a comprehensive assessment by a team of professionals, which may be followed up by further work in the community, where brain injury education will be provided to families, schools and community professionals.

Our aim is to help each child gain as much independence as possible, to enable them to return to their family and friends and participate in full-time education. Each child will be given an individualized rehabilitation programme that will be carried out by a multi-professional team of therapy, nursing, medical and care staff. We hope that they may also be able to receive appropriate schooling during their stay.

Residential short breaks
At a later date the Children's Development Foundation is hoping to be able to provide a nurse-led short break service for children aged 0-18 years. The service will aim to manage children with complex health needs and will include a full range of play and leisure activities.

We will design flexible packages of care including a mix of residential short breaks with care given at home (see Outreach).

We hope to be able to accept children from a wide geographical area, particularly from locations where alternative provision is limited.

  • Collaborations

    Cyprus institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING) and the Ministry of Health /Makarios Hospital.

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  • Spasticity Services

    Spasticity Services
    Development of cerebral palsy clinics by CPNI specialists at the Red Cross, Limassol, including Botulinum toxin injection clinics at the Limassol General Hospital. Read more...  
  • Government appointments

    Appointments for Government-card holders are scheduled only through the Makarios Hospital by calling 22-405101 during morning hours, according to the last settlement from the Ministry of Health.  
  • CPNI at the forefront of technology in Neurophysiology

    For the first time in Cyprus CPNI is able to offer patients the Ambulatory EEG recording Service. For home, school, at your own leisure!.

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  • EEG Neurofeedback - EEG Biofeedback

    EEG Neurofeedback - EEG Biofeedback

    CPNI welcomes EEG Neurofeedback!

    What is EEG Neurofeedback;

    Neurofeedback is a new form of treatment which provides information to children and adults about their brain activity. Trainees are being rewarded positively or negatively depending on their performance to the several activities they are asked to participate. This way they learn how to control their mental status.

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