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Government appointments

Patients are seen by appointment only. You will be offered the earliest appointment that is convenient for you and allows enough office time to adequately assess and treat the problem.

CPNI is in the position to offer neurological (both in- and out-patient) services to the Ministry of Health of Cyprus to patients entitled to National Health Service care through the Cyprus Government. Our neurologists are entitled to order all the investigations and other management strategies financed by the government as per the rights of the Government Hospital doctors.

Appointments for Government-card holders (see Medical Coverage above) are scheduled only through the Makarios Hospital by calling 22-405101 during morning hours, as per the last settlement from the Ministry of Health. Private patients have the option of booking afternoon appointments.

For emergencies please call Makarios Hospital (22-405000) or contact your Paediatrician.

Additionally, private appointments can be seen in our satellite clinic in Limassol. This clinic is held at the Paediatric Subspeciality Center, located at: 23 Spyrou Kyprianou Street, 4001, Mesa Geitonia, Limassol (, Telephone: 25-720200

What to bring to your first appointment?

* Updated (non-expired) hospital- or Insurance card
* Referral form from your Pediatrician
* Photocopy of child's birth certificate
* List of current medications (name, dose, frequency)
* Documentation of any medical/surgical history
* Appropriate medical investigation results (x-ray / MRI / CT scans, blood tests, diary of symptom dates/times, etc.)

If you must cancel, please call at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. This allows other patients to use your time slot.

Please arrive early for your appointment as it assures that the doctors stay on time for the rest of their patients. If you arrive late, your appointment may be rescheduled.

Medical Coverage
Clinical appointments are entirely- or partially-covered by all Government (Republic of Cyprus) Hospital Cards: Category A (Pink), Category B (Light Blue), Public Employee (Orange), University of Cyprus (Yellow), semi-governmental (Yellow) and hourly staff (Green). Most private health insurance providers will reimburse your expenses at a later date

Medical Certificates

For renewals or issuing of new medical certificates, please call Makarios Hospital at 22 405000 and ask for the registration office.

  • Collaborations

    Cyprus institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING) and the Ministry of Health /Makarios Hospital.

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  • Spasticity Services

    Spasticity Services
    Development of cerebral palsy clinics by CPNI specialists at the Red Cross, Limassol, including Botulinum toxin injection clinics at the Limassol General Hospital. Read more...  
  • Government appointments

    Appointments for Government-card holders are scheduled only through the Makarios Hospital by calling 22-405101 during morning hours, according to the last settlement from the Ministry of Health.  
  • CPNI at the forefront of technology in Neurophysiology

    For the first time in Cyprus CPNI is able to offer patients the Ambulatory EEG recording Service. For home, school, at your own leisure!.

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  • EEG Neurofeedback - EEG Biofeedback

    EEG Neurofeedback - EEG Biofeedback

    CPNI welcomes EEG Neurofeedback!

    What is EEG Neurofeedback;

    Neurofeedback is a new form of treatment which provides information to children and adults about their brain activity. Trainees are being rewarded positively or negatively depending on their performance to the several activities they are asked to participate. This way they learn how to control their mental status.

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