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About Us

Founded in 2007, The Cyprus Paediatric Neurology Institute (CPNI) is a specialized centre for Paediatric Neurosciences that strives to offer high quality care to all children with neurological disease in Cyprus to the highest professional standard possible, at all levels and tiers. CPNI is currently the leading paediatric neurology institution in Cyprus forming a point of reference for specialist paediatric neurology services for the whole island. We are proud to offer a first class diagnostic and management service for neonates, children and young adults with neurodevelopmental and acute neurological disorders, throughout Cyprus and beyond. CPNI serves a unique function within the Cyprus community, offering a holistic approach and individualized "child centered" neurological services.

Personnel: Currently the Institute employs 2 Full Time Consultant Paediatric Neurologists [Child neurology at CPNI also includes the specialized skills of our paediatric epileptologists (physicians who have a special expertise in treating children with epilepsy),] who hold daily clinics, a full time Neurophysiologist, an EEG Technician, a Personal Assistant (PA), and collaborates closely with a Developmental Paediatrician, a Paediatric Neuropsychologist and a Paediatric Ophthalmologist who also hold clinics at CPNI.

Facilities: The Institute is located on the 2nd Floor of 16 Kennedy Ave, Nicosia, and comprises of the Medical Offices, the examination rooms, the electroencephalogram (EEG) laboratory, a conference room and the waiting area equipped with a small library facility for children. The Outpatient Clinics are held at the Institute and are set in a homely child-friendly environment. Our facilities are fully accessible to patients with disabilities.

Patient Population: Patients visit CPNI from all areas of Cyprus and are mainly Greek Cypriots with an increasing number of Turkish Cypriots, and British residents, while our international referrals are increasing steadily through personal referrals and telephone consultations from Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, and the Middle East. Our doctors work very closely with parents and aim to create a strong partnership for the best benefit of children’s care. At CPNI, our specialists are family-orientated and the care is child-centered. The doctors encourage parents to ask questions and to become involved in their child's care. Toward that end, we provide extensive education, telephone follow-ups and assistance in finding additional sources of information and support.

Clinical Sessions: Long enough to ensure individual attention.

  • Collaborations

    Cyprus institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING) and the Ministry of Health /Makarios Hospital.

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  • Spasticity Services

    Spasticity Services
    Development of cerebral palsy clinics by CPNI specialists at the Red Cross, Limassol, including Botulinum toxin injection clinics at the Limassol General Hospital. Read more...  
  • Government appointments

    Appointments for Government-card holders are scheduled only through the Makarios Hospital by calling 22-405101 during morning hours, according to the last settlement from the Ministry of Health.  
  • CPNI at the forefront of technology in Neurophysiology

    For the first time in Cyprus CPNI is able to offer patients the Ambulatory EEG recording Service. For home, school, at your own leisure!.

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  • EEG Neurofeedback - EEG Biofeedback

    EEG Neurofeedback - EEG Biofeedback

    CPNI welcomes EEG Neurofeedback!

    What is EEG Neurofeedback;

    Neurofeedback is a new form of treatment which provides information to children and adults about their brain activity. Trainees are being rewarded positively or negatively depending on their performance to the several activities they are asked to participate. This way they learn how to control their mental status.

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